Present: Sri. B. Prathap Reddy

Rc.No.01/B1/SCERT/2021 Dated: 08/11/2021

Sub:SE-SCERT-AP- Organization of District Level Kala utsav Programme -2021 – Scheduled from 15.11.2021 to 18.11.2021 – On virtual mode -orders- issued Reg

Ref: 1.No.F.9-2(8)/2021-22/DEAA/KU/ Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics, Date: 26.08.2021 2. As per the approval at Note # 8 of Director, SCERT, A.P.


Kala Utsav programme -2021/2022 is a pioneering celebration of Art forms in the school system and continuous as ongoing programme. This programme will enhance the life skills of the participants and prepare them as ambassadors of our culture. Kala Utsav 2021-2022 provides opportunity to express hidden talents of the students from disadvantages groups and students with special needs.

The Art forms of Kala Utsav programme for 2021-2022 are as below: 

1. Vocal Music – Classical 

2. Vocal Music – Traditional Folk 

3. Instrumental Music – Classical 

4. Instrumental Music – Traditional Folk 

5. Dance – Classical 

6. Dance – Folk 

7. Visual Arts – 2 Dimensional 

8. Visual Arts – 3 Dimensional 

9. Indigenous Toys and Games


Eligibility: Students of classes 9th, 10th ,11th and 12th of any Government and Government Aided and Private schools can participate in Kala Utsav programme – 2021. The programme will be conducted in virtual mode only. Entries: