Rc.No.13029/71/2020-EST 3 Dt.24/06/2021

Sub: School Education Dept., - Inter–District Transfer of teaching staf of School Education Dept. – Certain Instructions and Guidelines - Issued.

Read:Govt., Memo.No:1225245/Services.II/A.2/2020, Dated:11.12.2020

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, in the reference read above, Government have requested to furnish the proposals for Inter – District Transfer of teachers/Headmasters

Therefore, the RJDSEs and the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that the requests for inter-district transfers will be processed as per a fixed time schedule. Eligible and interested teachers may submit their applications for Inter District transfers on www.cseap.gov.in The Inter District Transfer applications will be processed in accordance with the 5(2)(c) of Presidential order on spouse grounds and 5(2)(d) on Mutual grounds requests. The following are the guidelines for inter-district transfers.


 List of candidates applied WG.Dt